Paul Buchheit on “The Gift”

Paul Buchheit lost his younger brother when Paul was 27 years old. He married and his wife gave birth to a premature baby. In this must-read blog post, “The Gift,” he writes about how he coped with tragedy and the notion of unconditional love: 

In every tragedy, there is a gift, if we are able to see and accept it. From my brother, I received a personal understanding of death, and a constant reminder to live my life as though it may end at any moment. From my daughter, I learned what it means to love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return, a true gift.
These gifts were delivered at great cost, but still I often struggle to retain them. Life gets busy, and I forget what matters. But the reminders are all around us, if only we can open our eyes.
I’ve also wished for a way to share them with others, especially those who are facing their own disasters. In difficult situations such as these, people often turn to God. And even those who don’t believe, can understand God as the personification of all that is Good. When our lives are smashed to bits, and it feels like the ground has disappeared from under us, we look for guidance, for our North Star, for a God that can provide meaning and direction to what remains of our life.
I encourage you to read the whole post.

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