The Most Cheerful Story from the Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

When I first read the story about Mitik, an orphaned baby walrus transplanted to the New York Aquarium, I couldn’t resist saying: “Aww, how cute.” Just look at him:

How adorable is this guy?

So after reading all the devastating news about Hurricane Sandy, this was the most cheerful news I’ve come across today, courtesy of The New York World:

The entire 14 acres of the New York Aquarium in Coney Island was underwater after Hurricane Sandy hit on Monday evening — soaking human staff and one very large baby under their care.

Aquarium employees remained onsite when the storm made landfall Monday evening and stayed through the night. There they were able watch over the aquarium’s newest inhabitant, the 236-pound walrus baby Mitik. The calf arrived earlier in the month from Alaska, and Jim Breheny, executive vice president of the aquarium, said his care hadn’t been interrupted by the flooding.

Remarkable perseverance by the New York Aquarium employees and what a great story!