Internet Speeds Around the World

The numbers guy at the WSJ has a great post profiling how internet speeds around the world vary. More importantly, many consumers aren’t aware of what they’re actually getting from their internet service provider.

Government regulators in several countries are on speed patrol, though, and they have discovered that providers’ performance often fails to match their ads. For consumers, that could mean more time spent waiting for video to buffer, for photos to load, and for online games to continue.

This graphic is very informative. The gist:

1) Lithuania has the fastest internet in the world, clocking in at an average of 31.89 mbps. Also, the actual speed is very close to the promised speed (99.6% reliability).

2) The tiny nation of Iceland has the 10th fastest internet speed in the world, with an average of 21.9 mbps. However, the reliability of the advertised rate to the actual rate is much lower than that of Lithuania at 70.9%.

3) The United States has the 33rd fastest internet speed in the world, with an average speed of 12.29 mbps. The reliability rate is 93.6%.

4) Israel has a very high (99.6%) rate of advertised vs. actual speed, but it’s ranked at number 56 in the world with an average speed of 7.15 mbps.

5) Finally, Greece’s woes aren’t just tied to their economy. They have an abysmal 44.4% rate for promised vs. delivered internet speed, which clocks in at 6.05 mbps, or number 66 in the world.


What’s your internet speed where you live? And who’s your internet service provider?


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