Apple after Steve Jobs

In an interview with Wall Street Journal columnists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook offers a few answers on Apple after Steve Jobs:

Q: How is Apple different with you as the CEO? What did you learn from Steve?

Cook:  I learned that focus is key, not just in running a company but in your personal life. You can only do so many things great, and you should cast aside everything else.Another thing that Steve taught us all was to not focus on the past. If you’ve done something great or terrible, forget it and go on and create the next thing. When I say that I’m not going to witness or permit the change, I’m talking about the thing that’s most important in Apple—the culture of Apple. Am I going to change anything? Of course.

Q: At any one time, there is only one new iPhone. That’s not the way you did it with the iPod; that’s not the way you did it with the Mac. Why don’t you have more than one iPhone, and why don’t you have more than one iPad?

Cook: Our North Star is to make the best product. Our objective isn’t to make this design for this kind of price point or make this design for this arbitrary schedule or line up other things or have X number of phones. I think one of our advantages is that we’re not fragmented. We have one app store, so you know what app store to go to. We have one phone with one screen size with one resolution, so it’s pretty simple if you’re a developer developing for this platform.

Perhaps the most succinct point that Cook tries to make in the interview: Apple is still about making great products. It’s not about becoming a trillion dollar company. By making great products, other good things will follow.

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