Moo on The Future of Business Cards

This just blew my mind: just announced an NFC enabled business card. This sounds like the future has arrived:

Starting today, any pack of Business Cards you buy from MOO will come with a little extra – a free NFC enabled Business Card.

“A what??” you say? In short, an NFC enabled Business Card is a regular Business Card, with a tiny microchip and antenna embedded inside the paper that can transmit data from itself to a mobile phone which is also NFC ready, when they are tapped together.

It probably all sounds a bit mysterious, so we’ve put together a page that will give you the lowdown on what NFC technology is, and how it works. We think it’s really exciting, and we hope you will too.

Too bad my iPhone isn’t NFC capable. I’ve ordered from before, and I like their customer service. These new cards are probably worth checking out.

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