All the World’s Passports, Ranked

The Passport Index is a very clever websites that shows you thumbnails of all the passports in the world. Even better, there is a Passport Power Index, which shows you, in order, the most powerful passports in the world. The power is based on how many countries one could visit with said password without applying for a visa (or where a visa would be granted upon arrival to the destination).

The top passports in the world are:

1) United States (147 countries visited without a visa)
1) United Kingdom (147)
3) France (145)
3) Germany (145)
3) South Korea (145)
6) Italy (144)
6) Sweden (144)

At the very bottom of the Passport Power Index, we have: Solomon Islands (28), Myanmar (28), South Sudan (28), Sao Tome and Principe (28), and Palestinian Territories (28).

Also, you can see the passports organized by color, such as red and blue:



What a great site! And the passport index was exactly what I was wondering about on my recent trip to Costa Rica.


Hat tip: The Washington Post

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