As of January 2013, I’ve decided to log some of the movies I’ve seen, either in theaters, on DVD/Blu-Ray, or on Netflix.

December 2012

Les Misérables  

January 2013

Life of Pi  — a gorgeous film, beautifully adapted from Yann Martel’s 2001 novel. A+.

Lincoln — Daniel Day Lewis is the centerpiece of this film. A dull story shines away from the performances. B+.

Django Unchained — a Quentin Tarantino blow-’em-up set in the 1850s. Highly entertaining. B+.

Silver Linings Playbook — A heart-warming romantic comedy that a man can appreciate. Not sappy at all. A-.

July 2013

August 2013

Oldboy – a wild, sometimes-hard-to-follow, Korean horror flick. Very disturbing. C+.

September 2013

Indie Game – a documentary that goes behind the scenes of games like Braid and Fez. B+.

Upstream Color – a vivid, visceral, puzzling, and beautiful film. B+.

October 2013

Elysium – much too similar to District 9 to be taken seriously. B-.

Gravity – a breathtaking film with incredible visuals and compelling metaphor for living. A.

November 2013

Flight – it’s been a while since I’ve seen a bad Denzel Washington film. B.

December 2013


2 thoughts on “Movies

  1. are these all the movies you’ve seen, or just the ones you thought were worth mentioning. 🙂 i don’t think that many good movies have come out since…

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