Roger Omar and Illustrations of Children’s Dreams

The Mexican-born writer Roger Omar Omar, who travels a great deal, has visited 40 schools in Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, and Germany; in each of those countries, he met with children aged 8 to 10 and collected about 200 dreams. Omar says that the younger the children are, the shorter the dreams they write down. It would be too much work to read and type up all of the dreams, he says, but “I have found dreams that are precious gems.”

In all, since then around 8,000 dreams have been collected for the project. From those, Omar selected some 180, which he then asked various artists to illustrate. They are found in his Flickr collection.

On the common themes in children’s dreams:

In addition to death and frightening animals, the world’s children dream a lot about food (especially eggs, and chocolate), furniture and toys that come to life, monsters, superheroes, robots, toads and even the Eiffel Tower.

The article is here. Have you ever kept a dream diary?


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