The Gmail of 2013 is Terrible

This is a very good post explaining what is wrong with the 2013 version of Gmail. Summary: I feel like Gmail went from being Photoshop to Draw Something.

1. I can’t easily delete my signatures. You know when you’re messaging back and forth with people, you sometimes strip out your email signatures to reduce clutter and make it more readable and less formal? Now you have to click on three tiny dots and then do it. And sometimes I forget because it’s hidden from view. This is crappy. It’s not user friendly.

2. I can’t easily change my email subject. Sometimes you’re replying or forwarding an email and you need to modify the subject. For example, you want to modify an email to send to someone else. It takes 3 clicks!! You first click on type of response. Edit subject. And then click into the subject. This is stupid.

Read the rest of the post here. The author’s conclusion:

You’re making something more basic and harder to use in favor of minimal design. This isn’t search. You can’t reduce a full-email platform down to a message box. If I wanted that, I’d use Facebook which supports email now.

For me, the new compose window is poorly designed. I just want to go back to the 2012 version of Gmail, you know?