An Obituary for Mae Young, Unladylike Wrestler

We’re not a month into 2014, but this obituary for the unladylike wrestler named Mae Young is surely going to be one of the most interesting ones this year:

Mae Young — make that the Great Mae Young — who pulled hair and took cheap shots, who preferred actually fighting to pretending, who was, by her own account and that of many other female wrestlers, the greatest and dirtiest of them all, died on Tuesday in Columbia, S.C. She was 90, and her last round in the ring was in 2010.

Mae Young, on the right, doing her thing.

Mae Young, on the right, doing her thing.

You have to love her bravado:

“Anybody can be a baby face, what we call a clean wrestler,” she said in “Lipstick & Dynamite: The First Ladies of Wrestling,” a 2004 documentary. “They don’t have to do nothing. It’s the heel that carries the whole show. I’ve always been a heel, and I wouldn’t be anything else but.”

“This is a business that you have to love, and if you love it you live it.”  —Mae Young, RIP.