Sensational Spelling

I’ve wondered for a long time why some products are deliberately misspelled (such as “Froot Loops”). Turns out, there is a name for this phenomenon/movement in popular culture: sensational spelling. From Wikipedia:

Sensational spellings are common in advertising and product placement. In particular, brand names such as Cadbury’s “Creme Egg” (standard English spelling: cream), Weet BixBlu-ray (blue) or Kellogg’s “Froot Loops” (fruit) may use unexpected spellings to draw attention to or trademark an otherwise common word. It has also occasionally been used to dodge regulations which dictate how much of an ingredient a product must contain in order to be featured on the label. In video games, the best-known example of sensational spelling would be the franchise name Mortal Kombat, in which the word “combat” is deliberately misspelled by replacing the hard C sound with the letter K.


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