Mountain Dew’s New Marketing Campaign

Mountain Dew is about to roll out a new marketing campaign, focusing on the younger individuals:

The new campaign — targeted at consumers in their teens to 20s — brings together a diverse lineup of seven celebrities, O’Brien said. Individual TV and radio ads by each superstar will be tailored to regional markets. The point: Link Dew to stuff young people find cool.

Country singer Jason Aldean’s spot might be in heavy rotation in Nashville, for example, while Lil Wayne flashes on screens in Los Angeles and rapper Mac Miller dominates airwaves in his home state of Pennsylvania. Mexican-American pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez — a.k.a. P-Rod — appeals to a street-skate set that is racially diverse, O’Brien said.

I had no idea of Mountain Dew’s storied history:

Mountain Dew was named for the moonshine liquor produced in the Appalachian stills of Tennessee. In the 1940s, brothers Ally and Barney Hartman concocted a lemony soda as a spirits mixer, trademarking the name in 1948. Early bottles featured a gun- toting hillbilly chasing a federal agent from an outhouse.

PepsiCo bought the brand in 1964. Its first TV ad used the slogan, “Ya-Hoo Mountain Dew. It’ll tickle your innards.” A barefoot, one-toothed mountain man raved, “Shore as shootin’, there’s a bang in every bottle,” as a curvy woman wearing a hair bow and Wilma Flintstone-looking dress took a sip.

Another bit that caught my attention: Mountain Dew outsells Coca-Cola in convenience stores in Georgia, the home of Coca-Cola. I’d like to see hard numbers justifying this claim.

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