The Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft, in a highly touted event last night, unveiled the Surface tablet. designed to be a challenger to the iPad, the device will run a version of Microsoft’s flagship OS, Windows 8.

The device looks impressive. Especially alluring is the detachable cover that serves as a keyboard, something I think is lacking on the iPad. There is a nice hands-on preview at The Verge.

A few remaining questions:

  1. What will the entry point price be of the Microsoft Surface? Will it be able to compete with the $399 entry point price of the iPad 2?
  2. Will the detachable keyboard be an included accessory or an optional purchase to add to the Surface?
  3. How will Microsoft’s competitors react in the short and long term?
  4. Will developers flock to the platform? Part of what makes the iPad such an incredible device is the quality and sheer number of apps that are built specifically for the iPad.

Anyway, I think this product is the best thing to come out of Redmond, WA in many years. Microsoft has certainly piqued my interest.

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