On Joy of Missing Out

After Caterina Fake wrote about the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) last year, it became a wildly popular post with many in the blogosphere chiming in and lamenting on having the same fear. So it was quite refreshing to read Anil Dash’s antidote titled “JOMO!” (Joy of Missing Out). Anil posits:

So often, we point the finger at our technologies for creating the fears, the insecurities, the tensions that arise in our social lives as they get increasingly run by social software. But if tech is to blame for our feelings (and I’m not sure I want to concede that point), then certainly we can make apps and sites and software that makes us joyously celebrate for the good time that our friends and loved ones and even complete strangers are having when they go about living their lives.

I’ve been to amazing events. I still am fortunate enough to get to attend moments and celebrations that are an incredible privilege to witness. But increasingly, my default answer to invitations is “no”. No, I’m not going to go. And when well-intentioned hosts inevitably point out “You’re going to regret not coming!” I won’t say it out loud, but I’ll probably think, “No, I really won’t.”

A must-read post. I am not at Anil’s stage yet (I believe FOMO trumps JOMO for me), but I suspect myself and those around me will transition to the JOMO stage as we get older.

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