Could Posting an Instagram of Your Ballot Land You in Jail?

I voted today. One thing I didn’t do: take an Instagram photo of my ballot. The poll workers asked everyone to turn off their cell phones before they entered the voting area, and I wondered why they were asking people to do that.

According to the Citizen Media Law Project’s Web site, some states, including, Georgia (where I voted), Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, and Texas, “expressly prohibit the use of photographic and recording equipment inside polling places.”

Additionally, according to All Things D,

The state of Wisconsin is taking an even harder line, with the Government Accountability Board telling voters that posting completed ballot pics to Facebook or Twitter constitutes election fraud under the state’s law — a Class I felony. (It’s also not the first time the Wisconsin GAB has warned of this.)

My suggestion? Take an Instagram of your voting place or your place in line. This way, you are still documenting an important part of history but aren’t breaking any laws!

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