Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Incredible Hulk

The Economist reviews Nassim Taleb’s latest book, Antifragile, and has this awesome tidbit about Taleb at the end:

He is a weightlifter and calls himself “an intellectual who has the appearance of a bodyguard”. He avoids fruit that does not have an ancient Greek or Hebrew name and drinks no liquid that has not been in existence for at least 1,000 years. He has little time for copy editors, even less for economists, bankers and those who cluster at Davos. He once spent two years in bed reading every book about probability he could lay his hands on.

And according to New York Magazine, Taleb revealed the following to New Scientist, that he is not “some pantywaist writer dweeb.” He is the Invisible Hulk who uses the pen as his sword:

I lift stones and do weightlifting. I don’t go to the doctor except when I’m very ill, and when I go to India, I drink a drop of local water. Things like this harness the body’s antifragility. I have never had personal debt and never will. I also picked a profession in which I am antifragile, because any attack makes me stronger.

Love it.

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