David Simon on Corrupt Politicians

Only fools play a rigged game forever, writes David Simon in his post titled “Dead Children and Monied Politicians”:

Our elections — and therefore our governance — have been purchased.  Instead of publicly funded elections, instead of level playing fields, instead of processes in which the power of actual ideas prevails over the size of the bankroll, we have given our democratic birthright over to capital itself.  A gun manufacturer’s opinion can be thousands of times louder than the voice of any grieving Connecticut parent.  And the damage that  might come to political careers from individual Americans who wish to have gun laws require as much responsibility of gun owners as, say, motor vehicle laws?  It pales when compared  to the damage that can come to political careers from a lobbying group backed to hilt by those who will profit directly from the fear and violence in our culture.

An acerbic take, but one we need to hear.

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