Boston Marathon Bombings: The Story of Survivors near the Finish Line

 One week ago, at approximately 2:50 p.m. on Monday April 15, 2013, two bombs exploded yards away from the Boston Marathon finish line.

Today, The New York Times compiles an extraordinary feature titled 4:09:43, the “final split second of normalcy” before the area turned into a war zone. The Times interviewed the runners and spectators who witnessed the explosion:

David Abel, 41, reporter:

Mr. Abel, a Boston Globe reporter who is currently on sabbatical with a fellowship, was at the event to film a documentary on Juli Windsor, the first female dwarf to run the Boston Marathon. When the bomb went off, he was at the finish line waiting for her to arrive.

Debi Caprio, 50, nurse:

I said out loud, ‘This is how my life is going to end.

Joe Curciro, 63, information security officer:

Mr. Curcio has run about 70 marathons. His plan was to run the Boston Marathon every five years to keep it special for him, but after the events of last week, he is determined to go back next year.

Lisa Baragiola, 49, dietitian:

There’s a camaraderie among runners anyway, but I think this whole incident has brought the running community even closer together.

Kim Boglarski, 27, school psychologist:

A woman handed me a Kleenex to hold on my head. We weren’t sure if we should stay or run. I put my head down and started crying.

Worth reading these stories. And listening to the audio.

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