On the Decline of Eye Contact

Leave it to The Wall Street Journal to drum up the decline of eye contact in culture. There’s a few choice quotes in the piece:

Some psychologists point to FOMO, or “fear of missing out” on social opportunities, says a study published earlier this year in Computers in Human Behavior. Young adults who are dissatisfied with their lives or relationships feel compelled to check mobile gadgets repeatedly to see what social opportunities they are missing—even when they don’t enjoy it, the study says.

But my favorite is this one, on the perils of “too much eye contact”:

Too much eye contact can cause problems, too. In a social context, it may be seen as a sign of romantic interest, or just plain creepy.

I am confused by this statement taken as fact: holding eye contact works best for 7 to 10 seconds in a one-on-one conversation. Is this 7 to 10 seconds at a time? How long can one glance away before making eye contact again? I believe context is key, and the article just seems goofy. Also, there’s this “graphic” that looks like a page out of a graphic novel:


Don’t worry, sir! These red laser beams are non-lethal and won’t affect your vision.

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