Focus@Will: Music to Help You Concentrate

I’m testing out a music service called Focus@Will. It’s designed to stream music that gets you to concentrate (up to 100 minutes) without your mind wandering, thinking about music.  The founders of the start-up behind the service call it a “DJ in the sky” that always plays great productivity music to support whatever you are focusing on.

From their FAQs, here is how the music is designed to help you focus:

  • The focus@will music stream engages your non-focal (background) attention, but not so much that it interferes with your conscious focal attention on the task at hand. This is music you hear but should not be actively listening to.
  • If a track is too bland, your subconscious will start ignoring it, and if too interesting, novel, dynamic or exciting, you will start consciously noticing it, which will distract you. Every track in our exclusive library has been remixed/re-edited and remastered to deliver the precise set of required attributes to keep you in the focus zone.
  • The patented secret sauce is how the system subtly phase sequences the stream to trick your limbic system (the fight or flight survival mechanism in the brain) into not habituating (tuning out) this focusing/anti distracting effect over time.

Worth reading is their science primer that further explains the motivation and research behind the start-up. I’ll follow up, either as an update to this post or in a separate entry on whether I’ve noticed an increase in my productivity using Focus@Will.


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