How to Make a Walmart Cashier’s Life Easier

A reader writes to Consumerist and provides some tips on what NOT to do as you’re checking out at your local Wal-Mart:

1. Talking on your cell phone while checking out. Doing it until you get to me is fine, but when you reach us, please be polite and tell the person on the other end of the phone to either hang on, or that you’ll call them back. We don’t demand a lot from our customers, but respect IS one thing we would all like.

One other thing regarding this–regular customers aren’t the only ones doing this. Some of the other associates have also been guilty of it–and have even complained about the customers doing the same thing! I have also had a regular customer who has one of those ear pieces where she would carry on a conversation with the person on the other end the entire time I was checking her out–and she didn’t even bother acknowledging me!

2. Please don’t bathe in perfume or other smelly stuff. For some of us, only a huge wind in the other direction will keep us from getting headaches from this–and it isn’t likely to happen inside a store. A little bit definitely goes a long way!

3.Please do not dress (or in this case, undress) like you are at home. That butt crack when you bend over is not exactly becoming. Neither is the large rip in your pants that shows you are not wearing underwear. Eeeww!

4. PLEASE save the electric carts for those who truly need them! We do not have an unlimited supply and there are people who really can’t move very far without one. If you can walk to the car–or across the store–without difficulty, you probably don’t need a cart. (One example: There is one customer who will come in through Lawn & Garden, walk from there–to the front of the store with no sign of a limp–and get an electric cart. When he is finished, he brings it back, plugs it in and walks back through the store to Lawn & Garden–with no limp!)

I didn’t know about the resolution if an item has been rang up twice:

If we have done something wrong like ringing something up twice, believe us when we say we can’t correct it AFTER you have paid. You will have to go to the service desk. Be pleasant and understanding. It may be the end of the day and we may have had a rough day.

The advice can apply to any retail store, obviously.

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