The Mystery of Nick Beef, Revealed

For the history buffs and those versed in the John F. Kennedy association, The New York Times has a pithy but fascinating piece on the grave site next to Lee Harvey Oswald. The marker simply reads NICK BEEF. It actually belongs to a man named Patric Abedin, who bought the plot of land for $175.

Affable, with gray-black hair slicked back, save for a stray curl or two, he sips tea at a cozy table at the Jack bistro in Greenwich Village, not far from his Manhattan apartment. With evident pride in possessing one of the more distinctive conversation starters in American discourse, he confirms that he owns the burial plot beside Lee Harvey Oswald’s.

As for his notoriety among the conspiracy cognoscenti, he says, he came by it innocently, even accidentally. But now, with the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination less than four months away, he has decided to reveal himself, sort of, to The New York Times.

And one more paragraph of interest:

It was said that since the cemetery refuses to provide directions to Oswald’s grave — at the family’s request, a spokeswoman for the cemetery said — two reporters had bought the plot so that the curious could ask instead for Nick Beef. It was also said that Nick Beef was a New York stand-up comic who used references to the grave in his act.

Amazing story. And what a downer at the end, huh?

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