The Best Hidden Features in iOS 7

I’ve upgraded to the latest operating system, iOS 7, on my iPad. I have yet to do so on my iPhone as I don’t have enough free storage space (3+ GB). As I was playing around with the new interface, I found The Verge’s post on the best new hidden features in iOS 7 quite handy.

The best feature? You can give Siri an elocution lesson:

If you’ve got an unusual name, or have friends with rare surnames, you’ve probably laughed at Siri’s innate inability to pronounce words that aren’t in the dictionary. Now you can call out when words are mispronounced and train Siri to say them correctly. Just say “that’s not how you pronounce that,” run through a short exercise, and Siri should get things right from then on.

I also like that you can find exactly when a text message was sent:

One of the most infuriating things about Messages in iOS is its lack of regular timestamps. Rather than giving you a time for every message, it’s always periodically defined the beginning of a conversation with a timestamp. In iOS 7, you can check on the exact time every message was sent and received by swiping message bubbles to the left.


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