A Modest Proposal in Switzerland: Breathe, and Get Paid

One of the wealthiest countries in the world, Switzerland, is considering a proposal that will entitle every single citizen of the country a guaranteed monthly income on which to live (“payment for being alive”):

The proposal is, in part, the brainchild of a German-born artist named Enno Schmidt, a leader in the basic-income movement. He knows it sounds a bit crazy. He thought the same when someone first described the policy to him, too. “I tell people not to think about it for others, but think about it for themselves,” Schmidt told me. “What would you do if you had that income? What if you were taking care of a child or an elderly person?” Schmidt said that the basic income would provide some dignity and security to the poor, especially Europe’s underemployed and unemployed. It would also, he said, help unleash creativity and entrepreneurialism: Switzerland’s workers would feel empowered to work the way they wanted to, rather than the way they had to just to get by. He even went so far as to compare it to a civil rights movement, like women’s suffrage or ending slavery. 

The reporter for The New York Times, Annie Lowrey, is bullish on this idea working in the United States:

If our economy is no longer able to improve the lives of the working poor and low-income families, why not tweak our policies to do what we’re already doing, but better — more harmoniously? It’s hardly uplifting news, but minimum incomes just might be stimmig for the United States too. 

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal in Switzerland: Breathe, and Get Paid

  1. I’d certainly have more time to write novels if I didn’t have to worry about my income — or at least knew that I didn’t have to subsidize it as much as I do now with other kinds of work. Maybe those industries that make obscene amounts of money can use that wealth to fund this program. Truly socialist, but in the best way possible.

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