John Siracusa on Geekdom

This is a wonderful post by John Siracusa on how he became a geek. Near the end, he offers some sage advice:

You don’t have to be a geek about everything in your life—or anything, for that matter. But if geekdom is your goal, don’t let anyone tell you it’s unattainable. You don’t have to be there “from the beginning” (whatever that means). You don’t have to start when you’re a kid. You don’t need to be a member of a particular social classracesex, or gender.

Geekdom is not a club; it’s a destination, open to anyone who wants to put in the time and effort to travel there. And if someone lacks the opportunity to get there, we geeks should help in any way we can. Take a new friend to a meetup or convention. Donate your old games, movies, comics, and toys. Be welcoming. Sharing your enthusiasm is part of being a geek.

I actually classify myself as more of a nerd than a geek in areas in which I am interested in, but I could see the enveloping classification of the word “geek” for someone who was brought up with computers at such an early age.

Siracusa’s reviews are always a pleasure to read. I spent a few hours perusing his deep dive into OS X Mavericks last fall.

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