Blogging Hiatus

I’ve been meaning to write something about my absence from this blog over the past couple of months.

A query from a reader concerned about my well-being has prompted me to answer publicly that I am okay and that I’m still reading—I just haven’t been blogging. A full-time day job has been consuming me over the past few months, but I am hoping to resurrect writing on this blog, slowly. With that said, I would like your (reader) input on my next steps. Which of the following would you prefer me to blog about in the future? Please vote in the poll below.

(1) Links to articles I read throughout the day or week.

(2) Longer form pieces, such as analysis of longform articles or book reviews

I am thinking there is also a way to strike a balance between (1) and (2), but I’d be curious to hear your thoughts; feel free to reply in the comments. If there is a weighing toward (1), I am thinking of posting 5 to 10 posts per week. If the weighing is toward (2), I am thinking of posting 1 to 4 posts per month.

Thanks for your input!


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