The Many Voices of @Sweden

One of the great things currently unfolding on Twitter is the @Sweden Twitter account. The program, known as Curators of Sweden, came about when the Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden, the government tourist agency, sought to develop a plan to present the country to the world on Twitter. They hired an advertising company, Volontaire.

To qualify to post for the @Sweden account, one must “be interesting,” Twitter-literate, and happy to post in English.

The New York Times profiles a few people who’ve had the privilege for speaking for the Nordic nation.

On the benefits of posting for @Sweden for a young man named Erik Isberg:

The authorities at his school waived their usual rule against in-class tweeting (one teacher told Mr. Isberg he could skip all his classes, if he needed more time to post).

The success of the @Sweden account has inspired similar Twitter initiatives from other countries and travel sites.

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